big mountain drugs viagra David Courtney;  go here Semi-Retired Marketing Consultant – La Belle, Florida U.S.A.

viagra online without prescription I am still building this New Blog/Website: Global Construction & Infrastructure News plus Market Resources for your research on markets for the Rental and Sales of Building Supplies, Construction Equipment, Farm Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Generators, Irrigation Equipment & Pumps. Most Sub-Contractor Trades will also find new Construction Project Opportunities. The exact Blog/Website address is: . At this time access is free due to interruptions in posting caused by health issues from me living with Myasthenia Gravis, a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disorder. It is not contagious, fatal nor curable at this time. I retired in 2005 for the second time after working 45 years in Sales & Marketing both domestically and in South America.  My experience covers Construction, Farm and Irrigation Equipment plus Engines packaged and sold for Industrial, marine and Power Generation applications. My travels took me across the USA, Caribbean, Europe and Latin America.

go I learned in the early 1970’s when I was in the Farm & Construction Equipment Business, that from time to time many niche markets and geographic areas will be up while others are down. I have always been fascinated by trying to find who has the money to spend for what I had to sell and where they are located when their business is up. I first started with Construction Bond Advertisements in the 70’s to find where in the world I could liquidate a large fleet of Rental Equipment. The Company made more money liquidating this fleet overseas than renting at that time. I was then convinced that the cycles of Industry tend roll around the world constantly going up and down somewhere sometime. I enjoy looking for it.

enter Even though Governmental Reports on Market Information are available for most Countries, I have found that local News Reporters around the World are the fastest source of what is really going on. I select only about 1 in 30 of the articles I read that are Good News and feel that may be of interest to you.  “ miglior sito per comprare viagra generico 50 mg a Genova Global Construction & Infrastructure News viagra drug contraindications for grapefruit ” is a collection of articles that I believe tell you where to find a need and frequently the money for the Rental or Sales of Building Supplies, Construction Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Farm Equipment, Generators, Irrigation Equipment & Pumps. Most Sub-Contractor Trades will also find Construction Project Opportunities.

follow url With click Global Construction & Infrastructure News go to site I hope to regularly point you toward geographic areas of promise for the rental or sale of your products and provide you tools to approach these markets in my Blog. 

Also I am able keep myself mentally challenged by preparing each post to:

You may have followed 5 years of similar postings to my previous Blog: Generator Dealer Market News that was discontinued in August of 2014, when GoDaddy my blog host dropped their Blogcast portion of their business.

An earlier Blog I did for Pumps & Systems Magazine told everyone who received American Recovery Act Stimulus Funds for Drinking Water and Wastewater Projects. USDA through their Rural Development Program is still funding a few of these type of projects.

If you have any questions, Contact Me by Email:  …or Phone: (239)340-9371 ….Follow me on: LinkedIn/GeneratorDealerMarketNews,   , Facebook/GeneratorDealerMarketNewsTwitter,com/GeneratorNews


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